Today, October 10, 2016, Choqok developer Andrea Scarpino was excited to announce the availability of the final release of the Choqok 1.6 micro-blogging client for users of the KDE Plasma desktop environment.

Based on the latest KDE Frameworks 5 technologies, Choqok 1.6 is now ready to be deployed on your KDE Plasma 5 desktop, bringing official support for the Friendica social network, as well as a huge number of improvements and new features, especially for Twitter and GNU Social socializing platforms.

"Big news about this release is that Choqok is now based on KDE Frameworks 5 and we officially support Friendica," says Andrea Scarpino in the release announcement . "I should thank Mehrdad Momeny, Andrea Scarpino, Ignacio R. Morelle, Ian Schwarz, Gilbert Assaf for their contributions to keep the Choqok up."

Here's what's new in Choqok 1.6

Prominent new features of Choqok 1.6 include the renaming of the StatusNet microblog as GNU Social, which now lets users post medium attachments and send direct messages. For better security, the application now defaults to HTTPS (Secure HTTP) connections when available.

Twitter support is also the main attraction of the Choqok 1.6 release, which features performance improvements to the loading of user lists, the ability to search for usernames and hashtags, support for viewing the original retweet time, support for deleting direct messages (DMs), and to send DMs with unlimited text.

Moreover, Twitter users will be able to send and view tweets with quoted text, as well as to send direct messages to any follower. The external URL used for accessing tweets and DMs has been fixed in Choqok 1.6 and it should now work correctly. Other changes include removal of the deprecated shortner and LongUrl plugin.

The Untiny plugin has been enabled by default, it is now possible to remove accounts that contain spaces in their names, as well as to create accounts that use the same alias with an existing one, and Tweetphoto, Twitpic, and Plixi support was removed from the ImageView plugin. Download Choqok 1.6 right now from the project's official website.

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