Gobolinux developer Lucas C. Villa Real announced today, October 10, 2016, the general availability of the first Alpha pre-release version of the upcoming GoboLinux 016 GNU/Linux operating system.

Built on top of the highly configurable, next generation Awesome window manager, GoboLinux is a Linux distribution that offers a logical and advanced file system hierarchy. The Alpha milestone of the GoboLinux 016 release is also the first to come with support for 64-bit (x86_64) hardware architectures.

"We have worked hard to ensure it runs smoothly on a variety of machines, but given the architecture switch it is possible that we forgot something. We will collect reports from you for a few weeks before rolling a new snapshot of what'll soon become 016 final," says Lucas C. Villa Real in the release announcement .

Meet GoboLinux's new file system virtualization tool

Another interesting feature implemented in the first preview of GoboLinux 016 is Runner, a brand-new file system virtualization tool that promises to dynamically change the view of /System/Index processes based on the program's dependencies file. In other words, it makes /System/Index's linked/activated dependencies a breeze.

Other than that, the developer managed to clean the entire system of obsolete and redundant packages, thus making it much lighter than previous versions in an attempt to chase new design goals and implement innovative concepts. GoboLinux 016 should be a more fun to run release.

The Alpha build is now available for download right now via our website, where it's distributed for free as a bootable ISO image that you need to write on a USB flash drive or DVD disc. However, we have to warn you that this is a development snapshot, which means that some bugs are still present and it doesn't reflect the quality of the final product.

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本文标题:GoboLinux 016 Joins the 64-bit Revolution, First Alpha Is Based on Awesome WM

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