Microsoft shaves 0 off the price of a Surface Pro 4 for a limited time

If you’ve been looking into the possibility of a 2-in-1, now might be a great time to get your hands on what many consider the undisputed king of the genre.

Microsoft’s Canadian online store is offering a temporary discount of the 256GB Surface Pro 4 featuring the Intel Core i5 from $1,949 to $1,599 CAD ― a savings of $350. The promotion doesn’t specify an end-date.

If that’s not quite the model you were interested in, however, or if a Surface Book is more up your alley, Best Buy Canada is also offering a limited time promotion that includes a Bose Soundlink Mini II speaker ($250 CAD value) with the purchase of any Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book.

To cash in on Best Buy Canada’s sale you’ll have to pull the trigger quickly, as it ends September 29th. The offer is more convenient than Microsoft’s deal, however, with availability for both online shipment and reservation in-store.

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本文标题:Microsoft shaves $350 off the price of a Surface Pro 4 for a limited time

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