Performance best practices for SQL Server in Azure Virtual Machines, find the complete article from Microsoft Azurehereincl a quick check list by Jason Roth.

“This topic provides best practices for optimizing SQL Server performance in Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine. While running SQL Server in Azure Virtual Machines, we recommend that you continue using the same database performance tuning options that are applicable to SQL Server in on-premises server environment. However, the performance of a relational database in a public cloud depends on many factors such as the size of a virtual machine, and the configuration of the data disks.

When creating SQL Server images,consider provisioning your VMs in the Azure portal. SQL Server VMs provisioned in the Portal with Resource Manager implement all these best practices, including the storage configuration.

This article is focused on getting thebestperformance for SQL Server on Azure VMs. If your workload is less demanding, you might not require every optimization listed below. Consider your performance needs and workload patterns as you evaluate these recommendations.”

Read the entire article here, Opvizor Performance Analyzer: Part 11 Performance in real time for Azure SQL

via the fine folks at opvizor.

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本文标题:Opvizor Performance Analyzer: Part 11 Performance in real time for Azure SQL

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