windows 10 build 14942 was released a couple of days ago with more substantial improvements for Windows insiders, and it also includes changes to the Windows subsystem for linux that debuted with the Anniversary Update.

The update does not bring new features, but only fixes, which you can see in full after the jump, but it’s worth mentioning that this release finally adds inotify support in WSL.

In a post on the Microsoft developer blog , the company explained that WSL was specifically tweaked to allow both Windows and bash to receive update notifications when content is updated.

“So, if both Linux and Windows support filesystem change notifications, wouldn’t it be awesome if they could be plugged together so that, for example, if a file is changed in Windows, then Bash, and any other file-change-aware Windows applications could receive the update notifications and display the updated content? Well, that’s exactly what’s just arrived in Windows 10 Insiders build #14942,” Microsoft explains.

What’s also important to know is that inotify support is exclusively available in this build and Microsoft says that an error might be reported in Bash when trying to set it up.

If you get an error reading “tail: unrecognized file system type 0x53464846 for ‘hello.txt’. please report this to [email protected] reverting to polling,” you can safely ignore it, Microsoft says, and the message should no longer show up in the next build when a fix is implemented.

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本文标题:Microsoft Updates the Windows Subsystem for Linux in Latest Redstone 2 Build

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