Microsoft is working to improve the user experience with the Start menu and the latest Redstone 2 build brings new tweaks in this regard, as it allows us to hide the app list completely.

The result is a Start menu that looks more like the one in windows 7, leading to a simplified interface that makes a little bit more sense for users who ae only now upgrading from the operating system launch in 2009.

By default, the live tiles are still there in this simplified interface, but when clicking the app list view, the layout reminds more of Windows 7, which should help Windows 10 appeal to those who liked the old version of the Start menu more.

To enable this new feature, users first need to hide the all apps view from Settings > Personalization > Start > Hide app list in Start menu.

Top feedback request

Microsoft claims this is a top feedback request from Windows insiders, and this is certainly true, especially because there were plenty of users who seemed to like the original design of the Start menu in Windows 7 more than the tile-based one in Windows 10.

And truth be told, live tiles appear to survive no matter what in Windows 10, but at least Microsoft is making changes that simplify the Start menu and bring it closer to a more familiar look that so many people seem to love.

For the moment, these new features are only part of preview builds shipped to Windows insiders, but depending on the feedback, they should become available for everyone in the Redstone 2 update due in the spring of 2017.

More improvements are very likely to be included in the meantime, including new tweaks to the Start menu, but it all depends on the suggestions that insiders send to the company before the public release.

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本文标题:Windows 10 Redstone 2 Makes the Start Menu Look More like the One in Windows 7

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