Percona Live Europe 2016: “MongoDB Query Monitoring” with Pavel Trukhanov
Lots of talks and presentations going on at the Percona Live Europe Open Source Database Conference 2016 on day two! Today is just as packed as yesterday, and we were able to attend somemoreof the talks.

MongoDB has had an increasing presence at Percona Live Europe, and had several sessions devoted to it today. One such presentation was run byPavel Trukhanov,CEO of okmeter . His talk was on MongoDB Query Monitoring .

He discussed how the main mission for every databaseinstance is to execute commands and queries.Knowing if yourdatabase is behaving well means knowingif your application is getting the correct query responses (and in a reasonable amount of time). So it’s crucially important to monitor queries, responses and lag time.

Pavel discussedhow theyimplemented MongoDB monitoring in theirsystem that monitored theirSaaS

He talked about the following questions:

What metrics do you need to gather? How do you get metrics without affectingDB performance? How do you displaythese metrics, so on-call DBAs canquickly understand ongoing issues? Whatdiagnostics does MongoDB already have,and what metrics can you accessby sniffing DB traffic How to process metricsefficiently?

Percona’s EMEA Field Marketing Manager Kamal Taibi was able to chat with Pavel Trukhanov and get better insight into his talk. Check it out below!

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本文标题:Percona Live Europe 2016: “MongoDB Query Monitoring” with Pavel Trukhanov

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