I upgraded to Fedora 25 (beta), which by default uses the new Wayland display server, (which is a replacement for x11).

Most applications work OK. Even copy and paste now works.However some applications have trouble.

Eclipse has some troubles. My observations:

Menu bar disappears when you drag the window around. Dialogues have a few button cut off, (apply, ok, cancle). There is a delay of a bout ~1 second when you click on something. Tabs get messed up if you click on one. (e.g they are split into left/right), it seems Dragging of parts is undesirably activated.

Overall, Eclipse isn’t quite usable on Wayland yet. However, efforts to improve Eclipse behavior on Wayland is under way:

Bug 496923 [Wayland] Improve support for Wayland in 4.7 https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=496923

In the mean time, while in Wayland, you can force Eclipse to use the x11 backend:

export GDK_BACKEND=x11 ./eclipse

This can be used for other applications also. For example Autokey is buggy on wayland, I used that for that app as well.

Hang on tight and follow the bug above for updates.

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本文标题:Leo Ufimtsev: Make applications (Eclipse) use x11 backend on Wayland (Fedora 25)

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