Percona Live Europe 2016: “PostgreSQL Worst Practices” with Ilya Kosmodemiansk ...
Day one of Percona Live Europe 2016 is coming to a close, but the sessions keep coming. The afternoon contained just as many packed presentations as the morning, with the same enthusiastic transfer of knowledge.

In getting Percona Live Europe 2016 ready this year, something unexpected happened. We noticed the PostgreSQL community come together and submit many interesting talks about this great open source database technology. The effort on their part pushed us to go further than we initially planned this year, and we’ve put together a full day of PostgreSQL talks. This year at Percona Live Europe this year marked our first ever PostgreSQL Day (on October 4th)!

One of the talks that filled this category was PostgreSQL Worst Practices withPostgreSQL-Consulting LLC’sIlya Kosmodemiansky. In his talk, Ilya prepared a bunch of slides, where each slide described an excellent example of how people can screw up their PostgreSQL database. Each example came with a weighted number that showed how frequently that kind of problem crops up. He then went through some of the slides and explained why such practices are bad, and how to avoid running into them.

Some of Ilya’s recommendations:

Create as many indexes as possible Always keep all your time series data Turn auto-vacuum off Never use foreign keys Never use graphical monitoring Use replication instead of backups

Percona’s EMEA Field Marketing Manager Kamal Taibi was able to chat with Ilya Kosmodemiansky and get better insight into his talk. Check it out below!

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本文标题:Percona Live Europe 2016: “PostgreSQL Worst Practices” with Ilya Kosmodemiansk ...

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