Microsoft has just released a fix for the installation issues experienced by windows 10 insiders with cumulative update KB3194496 , with a script now up for grabs from the Microsoft Download Center .

Microsoft has also created a new knowledge base article entitled KB3197794 , but the page is not available just yet, so more information will probably be posted here in a few hours.

This new script is available for insiders and, according to Microsoft, it’s supposed “to fix Xbox Scheduled Task leftover regkeys that blocks update for insider builds prior to 14388.” KB3194496 was released to insiders who were part of the Release Preview ring, but it appeared to be causing widespread installation issues for the majority of users.

Small number of users impacted

Microsoft claims that only a few users were actually impacted, but the company hasn’t provided any specifics on this number. A forum discussion on Microsoft Community has already reached 34 pages and 338 replies.

“We became aware of an issue with the recent Windows 10 cumulative update that impacted a small number of customers in the Windows Insider Program that were running a previous build of the OS. We have created a solution to resolve this issue, which is now live and can be accessed here,” the firm says.

It remains to be seen if the script solves the issues for all users who were experiencing the installation problem with this cumulative update, but Microsoft’s most likely keeping an eye on feedback to make sure that any other issues would be addressed too.

Next Tuesday Microsoft is expected to release new cumulative updates for Windows 10 systems, and judging from what happened in the past, new problems could be experienced as well. For the moment, however, make sure you give this patch a try to see if it makes any difference and if it’s not, send your feedback to the company because every little info really matters.

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