GParted developer Curtis Gedak has announced the availability of the first point release for the GParted 0.26 open-source partition editor utility announced back in April 2016.

Launched on April 26, GParted 0.26.0 introduced some exciting new features and improvements, among which we can mention read-only support for encrypted filesystems with the LUKS method, as well as the implementation of a progress bar for file system copy methods supporting EXT2, EXT3, EXT4, XFS, and NTFS.

Additionally, the GParted 0.26.0 partition editor brought support for using only a single progress bar for the entire internal copy operation, the implementation of the partition object polymorphism, and fixes for many other issues reported by users since GParted 0.25.0.

One a a half month later, it appears that GParted 0.26.0 needed a maintenance release to bring support for bootloaders on 32-bit EXT4 filesystems that are smaller than 16 TiB, add support for multiple bootloaders on 64-bit EXT4 filesystems, as well as to fix a crash that was caused by the OperationDelete::get_partition_new() function.

"This release of GParted ensures creation of 32bit ext4 partitions when the size is less than 16 TiB. This improves compatibility with existing boot loaders. Also included are bug fixes and language translation updates," said Curtis Gedak in the official release announcement .

GParted Live 0.26.1-1 is available for download

Other than the above, GParted 0.26.1 makes the code of the partition path "copy of /dev/SRC" prettier, addresses a memory leak with PedGeometry objects, and brings many code enhancements courtesy of Mike Fleetwood. A total of 13 translations have been updated in this first point release of GParted 0.26.0.

As usual, the GParted 0.26.1 source packages are available for download right now via our website, but you can wait for your OS to make them available in the software repositories and then install it or update. In the meantime, you can download GParted Live 0.26.1-1 ISO image , which contains GParted 0.26.1.

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本文标题:GParted 0.26.1 Ensures Bootloaders Work on EXT4 Partitions Smaller Than 16 TB

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